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Tea anyone?

We often put others first but remember, how can you expect to help someone else if you can't help yourself?

It's very important to ensure you take care of yourself every day in little or big ways as much as you can. To enjoy the little things in life every day. And if there is one thing that I enjoy, it's tea!

It is a bit strange in ways that I love tea so much as I used to hate it! Being British, a cup of tea is offered to you when you go over anyone's house and was made by the bucketful in my home but I wouldn't drink it. I found it bitter and unpleasant and no amount of sugar would make it paletable.

I don't know exactly when the suddenly change to becoming a tea-lover happened but I do remember trying peach iced tea on holiday in France as a teenager where they sold it in vast quantities in there supermarkets really cheap. And that was it, once I tried it, I was looking for it everywhere. At the time, Lipton's teas weren't in wide circulation and could only be bought at certain shops but I would hunt it down!

I think I then started to experiment with trying different kinds of teas and trying the traditional english breakfast again. I probably on average have about 4-5 cups of tea a day, the vast majority being an english breakfast or a decaf variant of it.

To me, a cup of tea is like a warm hug. It makes me feel cozy and ca n relax me in times of stress. As well as english breakfast, I'm a big fan of mint teas, rooibos and green teas as well as my beloved peach iced teas. Tea can have so many benefits for you, different types of teas can help with various ailments and has been used in traditional medicine for centuries.

I like to try different teas all the time and to widen my tastes, I often look for new teas and make Instagram stories of me reviewing the new teas I find. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to check out these stories!

Do you have any teas you love? Anything you would like to see me review? send me your suggestions!

Love as always,



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