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Susannah: My Journey To Flit Fitness (Part 3 of 3)

In December of that year, I branched out and started my own classes under the name LilyDance Fitness.

I was teaching to a lovely group of ladies in a local business park and I cannot thank them enough for all their love and support while I was starting out.

If you think teaching dance fitness to strangers would be stressful with a franchised dance fitness programme, its nothing compared to teaching your own programme. Was it any good? Is my technique and formula working? Are they enjoying it?

I kept going with it and eventually, my confidence grew larger and larger. But I did have a problem. Going on your own can be lonely. And your shortcomings become a lot more obvious. I was very good at creating routines and focusing on exercises and formulas that ensured you were getting a full body workout that was safe and fun. But I am not very good at promoting myself. I'm not great with social media, I find myself doubting what I'm saying and talking myself out of a lot or approaching others. It was starting to become not so fun anymore.

Then COVID happened and everything turned upside down. All classes had to stop and I found myself with a lot of free time.

I didn't want to slip into a negative thought pattern so I kept teaching classes to my ladies online through pre-filmed YouTube videos. I kept creating more routines. And then Louisa decided she wanted to go it alone.

Myself and Louisa were friends straight from training and have supported each other from the beginning. Our friendship grew and we found ourselves talking every day (we still do!).

When she told me she wanted to go solo and teach her own classes, I secretly wondered and hoped if she would like to partner with me.

Louisa kept telling me that she was struggling with creating lots of new routines but that was one thing I could do quite easily.

I have always been rubbish with social media and making those connections and Louisa did that with such ease, I have always been jealous of that! Where one of us has a weakness, the other has a strength and we complimented each other so well and got on like a house on fire so it felt like a winning combination.

So I asked in the April if she would like to partner together and she said yes!

And so Flit Fitness was born!

We wanted to create a dance fitness class that will give you an all-body workout, many different ways to keep yourself fit and healthy and that could get you for dancing to the songs you want and love.

I hope you keep supporting us on our journey and thank you all for an amazing first year of Flit Fitness.


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