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Flit Fitness: The Importance Of Resistance Training

Resistance training isn't just for body builders. Resistance training is also important as part of your fitness routines and your health so it is important to include some!

Resistance exercises are great ways to build muscle as well as tone your shape. But that's not all they do!

They can also improve your flexibility and bone density which is important as you age to prevent certain bone diseases, such as osteoporosis.

They can improve your mental health as a whole and also boost self confidence and body image.

In a nutshell, resistance exercises are exercises that involve moving your muscles against some form of weight or force.

These can be physical weights like dumbbells as well as your own body weight and gravity itself.

Popular resistance exercises used in dance fitness classes are squats, lunges, sit ups and holding positions, using the force of gravity to create resistance.

We have many resistance routines in our classes for various different muscle groups and include them in all our hour long Flit Fitness classes!

If you would like to know more about resistance training, see this great article below that we have referred to!


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