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Flit Fitness: The Importance Of Cardiovascular Exercise

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Dance fitness is a great form of cardio exercise! It can get your heart racing and your core temperature up within a short amount of time in a fun way that'll keep many people moving for longer than other forms of cardio exercise.

But why is this important? What actually is cardio exercise?

Cardiovascular exercises are important in maintaining good cardiovascular fitness and ensuring your cardiovascular system (also called the blood circulatory system) is performing as it should.

Your cardiovascular system is responsible for sending oxygen and vital nutrients around your body. It consists of your heart and your blood vessels.

With age, the muscles around your heart and the walls of your blood vessels weaken which can result in a range of cardiovascular diseases and failure of certain organs. So keeping this system healthy is vitally important!

Cardiovascular exercises increase your heart rate and breathing rate which, in turn, increases the amount of blood flowing around your body, delivering more oxygen to produce energy aerobically. How do you know when you are doing cardio exercise? When your pulse is quickened and your breathing gets deeper doing an activity, you are performing cardio exercise!

There are lots of different ways of performing cardiovascular exercise and can be as easy or as difficult as you require; walking, running, swimming, cycling are examples and of course; dancing!

For the average person, you should be cardiovascular exercising at least 3 days a week for about half an hour at a time. But this can also be broken down into chunks, you can do 2 bouts of 15 minutes or maybe 3 bouts of 10 minute exercises.

Our classes are a great form of cardio exercise, they will keep your heart rate up and your pulse raised and the difficulty levels can be adjusted to suit you. So what are you waiting for! Try a dance fitness class to keep that cardio system healthy!


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