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Lou’s top 5 walking spots in South Wales!

I love venturing out to new places and finding nice place to walks. There’s something about walking and fresh air that’s good for both our physical and mental health. And of course I’ve always got Sky to go on adventures with. In no particular order here are my top 5 favourite places to walk in South Wales! As soon as lockdown lifts I highly recommend you visit them if you’re based in South Wales!


A truly stunning place to visit! You have to park on the side of pavements near the houses but there is usually plenty of space. You follow a woodland path and take a right to walk round the reservoir. On a sunny day it can be busy but it’s a truly beautiful spot to sit and take it all in. There is an incline to the left that you can walk up for better views of the reservoir and see the gorgeous colour of the water but we found we kept walking and couldn’t find a loop back round. Definitely worth reaching the top of the hill for the views! I’ve only visited this place once. It’s not the type of place I’d personally go on a regular walk but it’s definitely worth a visit due to how beautiful it is!


A great find in Cardiff! Plenty of parking with a small car park or drive further up the road and park on the side. You can either walk along the River Taff and spot Castell Coch or you can get lost in the woodland area which has meadows with stunning views if you go up into the woods or take a stroll along the river and look at the giant lily pads.


Ignore Sky’s face in the photo here. This place is also very beautiful and very quiet! It has a large car park and the route is mostly an incline through a gorgeous forest. When you reach the top there is a HUGE and very impressive waterfall! I could not get a decent photo on the day as sadly it poured down with rain and we couldn’t walk passed the waterfall as it was closed off due to mud slides. However the walk to the top and back was more than enough! Again sadly I only managed to visit this place once before lockdown but have always wanted to go back and walk along the cliffs!


A beautiful forest with plenty of routes. There is a woodland sculpture trail, some caves and of course Castell Coch. One of mine and Sky’s favourite places to go! The walk can be as long or as short as you like!


A cute little place and very beautiful. Feels like a garden centre in the woods. Few trails and just a lovely place to walk close to Cardiff.

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