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HIIT Dance Fitness to songs you love!

What is Flit Fitness?

HIIT Dance Fitness Class to the songs you love!

Flit Fitness is a HIIT dance fitness class where our focus is creating a community friendly, judgement free fitness class where you influence what we do and the music we play.

Classes are open to all adults!

We have 3 Classes: 

  • Flit Fitness classes are 1 hour classes incorporating a wide variety of our routines!

  • Flit HIIT - 30 minutes of non-stop routines!

  • Flit Warrior - 30 minutes of non-stop resistance (Muscle toning) routines (This class is exclusive to our on-demand Flit Fix subscription service!)

 It's a cardio-based, all over body workout with some high intensity elements, resistance elements to help tone muscles and fun dance-style moves. The routines are easy to follow along with and we offer adaptations and alternatives for every routine so you can make it as easy or as intense as you want!


We welcome song requests from our class members to make dance fitness routines to so do not hesitate to send us your requests to, there is no such thing as a bad suggestion!.


Meet the Instructors

Susannah & Louisa

Susannah and Louisa set up Flit Fitness in 2020. They had both previously been dance fitness instructors running successful classes in Cardiff before creating Flit Fitness. They wanted to create a class which was suitable for all levels of fitness and take song requests from class members to create routines to.


Hannah has been attending Flit Fitness classes from the beginning and in 2023 qualified as an instructor. She teaches on zoom and will be launching live classes in London this year.

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